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           My name is R. Joseph Barham and I am Chairperson of American Handicapped Defense Union, Inc. (AHDU) in Binghamton, NY. AHDU is a corporation organized and existing under New York not-for-profit laws, and has been recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a Qualified Charitable Entity pursuant to section 501c3 of the IRS code.

           AHDU has been operating in our community for 12 years. We are a peer run agency, controlled by disabled persons, focused on empowering disabled Americans with social justice to enter the economic and social mainstream of our community. As a not-for-profit agency dedicated to the empowerment of disabled persons: We have assisted needy disabled individuals with advocacy, social work, financial grants, legal, personal and employment problems through education and life skill training,.

           Through our work, we have improved the quality of life of some disabled persons in Broome County and elsewhere. Also our organization, programs, volunteers, and clients have been featured in local newspapers, television, radio, and community events. AHDU has helped disabled individuals achieve equal opportunity and self-sufficiency.

           We are a small agency with a very limited budget, because we have not relied upon government money. As in our name handicapped, this term has little to do with disability, it was a peddlers’ license (At one time in England) given to disabled persons so they could do it themself. This licence excluded disabled persons for taxes and much of the paperwork of government. In other words, we as disabled persons want to do it ourselves. AHDU has been supported by small grants and contributions along with the sale of donated merchandise, and we have earned income via a small tent rental business. From our beginning we have not taken government money, to sustain our operations. Last year was the first time we accepted a small grant from the State of New York. As a small peer run agency we do not have the good ability to write grants and market ourselves. We need a part time person for this job. We have gone by faith. We are the only not-for-profit agency that does not taken government money for their operations, and is the only peer run agency that exists in this part of NY.

            As Chairperson of AHDU, I am personally asking for your assistance in supporting our organization in any way possible at this time. All of our programs have become very limited, even with the expanding needs of our clientele, because our finances are strained.

All our staff are volunteers, but it costs money to help people and pay our bills. Without the support of good people like yourselves, we can not survive.


           We kindly request at this time, any financial donations that your organization can offer, to help us achieve our Outcome and Self-Sufficiency. It takes money to help people. It takes money to become Self-Sufficient.

           Accordingly, I thank you in advance for your consideration of our request and I look forward to hearing from you. Please direct all correspondence with respect to this matter to myself.



                                                                       R. Joseph Barham, Board Chair, CEO 1/2007

Needs Overview

PROJECT: Growth and Development

           We have only relied upon small donations volunteer/inkind support and if we are to Survive as an Organization and take this very small agency to the next level of development, we need to do marketing. We need a Marketing Person and Grant Writer. Also in order to build self-sufficiency we need to expand our businesses. Our current businesses are: 1) Canopy Tent Rentals, 2) Internet Sales, 3) Local Flea Markets sales. We also wish to expand into other businesses like recycling and bottle redemption. Along with business expansion another major need comes up; we need a building to house our agency and business. A building for storage of tent rental equipment, eBay items, flea market items, and fund-raising equipment along with office space and our future business expansion. This would also provide more room for our volunteers/staff to meet with clients/consumers.

           We kindly request at this time, any financial donations that your organization can offer, to help us achieve our Outcome and Self Sufficiency. It takes money to help people. It takes money to become Self-Sufficient.


*****May we suggest that you give a $100.00 donation that we keep our doors open.

*****We request that we can speak to the groups in your Organization (Men’s Group or Women’s Group, Etc.).