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Due to a lack of funding support and people volunteering their time, we have been forced to stopped helping disabled persons in need.

In the last 4 years, 5 non-profit organizations have gone out of existence:

Two Disability Organization, One Music Related, and Two Disability related. Of the Disability related: One worked with problem teens and one a Child-Help Center, both worked with disabled children.

All of them have shut their doors, can you please help.


Take the risk: support us with love

Allow me to tell you stories of 3 sad DEATHS in this land of PROSPERITY:

First a disabled woman came asking for help: she was homeless; and She was in danger of a life threatening problem: AIDS. We tried, but could not help, due to NO money and NO people! She was listed in the Press & Sun Bulletin Obituaries as having died from AIDS November of 2007. Also, in the month of August 2008 another person who was physically challenged died. Also, in the month of October 2008 another person with a history of mental illness died: We tried to help them, but due to lack of money and people: we could not help.

While it takes real money and real people to help these persons the real and unnecessary tragedy is: THEY DIED (Ref. a). Where are those who could have helped a woman who lived with sexism and bigotry, as to harming woman; and two man when the system said, 'so what inferiors die'. Where were those good Samaritans when they were near death and the system said, 'too bad' keeping them from life. Where were those who could have helped us help them.

Let's talk about the disabled community in general:

At one time there were public signs in this country that said "white only". Now consider the plight of disabled persons: It has always been and it is still "non-disabled only"; In much of our lives, we experience problems of no work (b), bad housing and homelessness (c), Government agencies (Social Services is a hot bed of disability racism and disability hatred. This includes Social Security) (d), etc.. We as disabled persons are also forced to stand in line to get the necessity of life: Welfare SSI, SSD, etc.. I too have been to government agencies and stood in line like other disabled persons: how dehumanizing. I have been there and I do not want to be treated as a lower creature not quite human (e). Social Construction in the lives of disabled persons, by the use of candor, clarity, and charity in the context of mission is needed.

Now, I would like to take this moment to tell you about myself. In so much as being a disabled person who is autistic with learning challenges, I have devoted my time and my energies to the cause of helping others. As a disabled person: I have been the victim of disability racism and hate (f); However, This has not stopped me from being a person of sacrificial generosity and self-giving. I should also mention that, as of the writing of this letter, I have been homeless for sometime. My self-sacrificing ways of life has led me to this plight, but I am still determined to keep on. Even in this situation I am here for the long-term, even if it means the sacrifice of my health and life.

We live in this world where there is no compassion or love for others; with this in mind just imagine what the disabled goes through. At one time in this country we were hunted down like wild animals, kill, locked up in cages (we are a danger to the community (g), and yet worst laughed at, to scorned (f). Remember this still happens. Even Though we, as disabled persons, have a physical presence in this world, Even Though there are so few fair people and many of us are treated as if we have throw-away lives with no God-given dignity: this is not a reason for not allowing us to teach others and ourselves to have a change of heart and mind bring us to a better way of life. We are GOD's sculptures (h): An example, Pat Nolan (i), This was "God's plan to get him where he is today"

So Who Cares About Older Persons?

Let me tell you about the inaction and possible uncaring ways of most non-profits that receive government money and government agencies. On 9/27/2010 John Sanders who works as a Housing Counselor, contacted me about an older woman on Social Security who used to live in Broome County, NY. She moved to Peekskill, NY with family. Money problems develop. She was being evicted. John Called around, both in Peekskill and Broome County: no one would help: Neither government or any agency.

I decided to help, that is what we do here at AHDU. I paid for the electric trailer hookup and paid for a U-Haul 6x12 trailer. I followed John down to the apartment in Peekskill. So far no problem with weight. Loaded up all her stuff in both trailer and van; Started back. The weight was too much. The weight destroyed the engine; but did get her to a apartment in Endicott, NY. Her problem solved, but our problem no more van.

All we are asking for is to be treated with respect and dignity that every human being deserves. We appeal to your concern and charity in mission in the context of and by demonstrating faith and good will in God's people in helping us: SAVING this ministry.

Therefore, we are asking for your help in our efforts for growth and development.



12/10/2010 R. Joseph Barham, Board Chair, AHDU, Inc.

Disability Racism and hatred exist in this country. To see what we have done to help disabled persons go to our Web-Site.


a. A related story of people dying on the streets called: "Homeless Hospice"


b. One of the major problems facing the disabled population, as the largest minority in the United States, is the plague of high unemployment: Because of disability discrimination, homelessness, and poverty. National Organization on Disability: Employment (full and part time) is only 32% leaving 68% unemployed, 910 Sixteenth Street, NW, Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006, 202-293-5960, www.nod.org : The 2001 NOD/Harris Survey of Americans with Disabilities.

c. This is truly a crises: "Disabled unemployment rate hits 70%" http://newshound.de.siu.edu/fall03/stories/storyReader$841

d. Most person who are homeless are disabled: http://www.homelessnesscouncil.org/ .

e. There is a problem which centers on a loophole in the ADA: the words "Known Disability". If you do not ask for accommodation from your employers or schools you are out of luck, by case law, Taylor v. Principal Financial Group, Inc. (93 F.3d 155), Employees can be fired from their jobs and/or schools can exclude students by reason of disabilities, for failing to ask for access.

f. "Every individual that is autistic, retarded, C.P., etc. is forever being scorned by adults and children. Their lives are lonely and always they are treated as inferiors. A mentally handicapped person is a joke to society or a fearful image to be avoided .... I am tired of inconsiderate people who are forever finding reasons to prove we are different than they are. To them I say "woe to you." They talk about us in an unfriendly and degrading manner right in our presence. They feel no shame because we are after all retarded and cannot understand, and even if we do understand, we will never tell, and if we do tell, no one will take us seriously" www.dani18.com/index.php?show=ebg00 .

g. I remember a time back in 1992 when I received money from NY department of Education VESID, to go to Cortland State College to become a High School Teacher. I passed the course work and then during Student Teaching I was told, "How dare you want to become a teacher with all your disabilities, (and) I would not want you teaching my children or any other children, you are a danger (Mental Illness) to children". I also have several learning problems for in 1989 when I was finishing a Master in Chemistry, my financial aid was taken away (due to my learning disabilities), and the head of Financial Aid Office at Binghamton University said that as a disabled person I do not deserved an advance degree, "you are an (disabled) inferior".

h. C. S. Lewis said, "that we're like God's sculptures, and it's the chisel strokes that are so painful that he uses to make us his work of art".

i. http://www.pbs.org/wnet/religionandethics/week1103/profile.html